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Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar of Classes and Exams for the Academic Year 2023-2024 will be as follows:


  Activity Start End
First Semester Classes 18.09.2023


First Semester Exams  to be determined

 to be determined

Second Semester Classes to be determined

to be determined

Second Semester Exams  to be determined

 to be determined


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Course contents

The Master Degree course in Advanced Automotive Engineering provides the skills needed to design and develop high performance cars and motorcycles.

It is divided into 6 innovative curricula, designed together with MUNER’s founding partners to train the automotive engineers of the future:

  • Advanced Motorcycle Engineering
  • Advanced Powertrain (with two different specializations)
  • Advanced Sportscar Manufacturing
  • High Performance Car Design
  • Racing Car Design
  • Off-Highway Vehicle Engineering, a new curriculum active from the academic year 2024/25

A common background in vehicle design, mechanical vibration, electronic systems, manufacturing and assembly technologies, science and technology of metallic and composite materials is offered to all students during the first semester at the Modena campus.



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