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What kind of Degree AAE is?

Advanced Automotive Engineering is a Master's Degree Programme, (so-called in Italy "Laurea Magistrale"), afferent to the LM-33 Degree Class, according to the Ministry of Education, University and Research classification. AAE is an inter-university Programme and its headquarter is the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. For this reason, all the administrative procedures and rules are managed by UNIMORE.



Where will classes be held?

The first semester of the first academic year takes place in the Modena campus located in Via Vivarelli, 10. Starting from the second semester of the first academic year, classes will be held in different locations depending on the curriculum: in Modena and Bologna for Advanced Powetrain, in Modena for High Performance Car Design, in Modena for Racing Car Design, in Bologna for Advanced Motorcycle Engineering, and in Bologna for Advanced Sportscar Manufactoring. Starting from the second year fisrt semester, Racing Car curriculum lessons will be held in Varano de' Melegari (PR).



Do you need a certification assessing your knowledge of the English language?

Candidates from UNIMORE or other universities not possessing an English certification can take an English examination provided by CLA (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo). Passing the exam with a positive result is accepted as a valid certification to apply to the master's degree programme. For more information please go to: English Level B2



What type of Bachelor's Degree should I have in order to submit a valid application?

Call for admission does not establish a specific type of Bachelor's Degree. It specifies that applicants shall demonstrate suitable knowledge and command of the general scientific methods and contents of basic sciences (Mathematics, computing, statistics, physics and chemistry), as well as the basic engineering subjects. Applicants with an Italian qualification must have obtained at least a specific number of ECTS (CFU) in the subject areas (SSD) specified from the call for admission. 



You are not in possess of a Bachelor's Degree with a valid minimum score as specified from the call for admission; have you collect many experiences in the automotive field and are you really enthusiastic? 

Unfortunately if you do not meet the above mentioned entry requirement, you can not enter AAE Programme. Other experiences as working in the automotive sector are not useful for the admission purpose.



How much are the fees for enrolling at the university and specifically in the master's degree programme?

University fees are generally set according to the ISEE 2017 indicator (Indicator of the Equivalent Financial Situation) and therefore are proportional to the financial situation, provided that an application is submitted within the due dates (21 december 2017).

Foreign students residing abroad and visa applicants can not obtain the ISEE calculation but are obliged to present the documentation of the family unit income necessary to determine the exact amount of the contribution due and to request other benefits (grant, accommodation in university residences, catering services and other facilities). Remember that it is essential to have the translated and legalized documentation available, certifying the economic condition. For further information, please consult the page

€ 159.05 is the minimum fee applicable up to the € 23,000 ISEE threshold; within the € 23,000 to 45,000 ISEE range university fees are calculated progressively. If the ISEE amount is higher than € 45,000 or an online application is not submitted, the maximum fee amount set for that specific course of study shall be paid. Further information on the fee amount and to simulate the personal fee calculation please go to:  (IT). The indicated minimum and maxiumum fees are valid also for foreign students who do not have ISEE certification and present an equivalent documentation.



Do you need any information about finalcial assistance, dining facilities, counseling, residential accomodation etc?

Ergo, the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education, offers a set of benefits, allowances and services to all UNIMORE students.

For more information on Ergo services:



When it will be possible to start the admission procedure?

Application period will be defined in call for admission. It will last about one two months. Generally, non-European applications open in December/January, and European applications open in March/April.



I will get the Bachelor's Degree after the admission deadline, e.g. in 2018 October. Can I subit my application in any case?

It is mandatory to achieve the Bachelor's Degree before the admission period end, and include the Degree certification in the application. If the candidate is not in possess of the B.Sc. he/she can not submit the application. 



Are you looking for a comfortable and affordable accommodation?

Accommodation: ER.GO, the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education, can help you with your search by offering places at the university residences of Modena and Reggio Emilia. For further information, please go to: Alternatively you can look for a flat or a room in a shared flat by searching on the several advertisement websites or social network groups.



You have just arrived in Modena and need advice?

First of all you need to contact the International Welcome Desk. Unimore provides a team of dedicated advisors to support and enhance your experience in Modena. You can write an e-mail to:

Modena is a friendly city, with an interesting history and several attractions even for young people. The cost of living in Modena - and Reggio Emilia - is comparable to other towns in Northern Italy. Its strategic location allows people to easily travel everywhere in Italy! For further information please go to: and



Do you have specific needs and require special assistance?

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia is sensitive to the issue of disabilities and has opened a Welcome Office for Disabled Students, located at the address Via Vignolese 67 Modena. Appointments can be booked by sending an email to


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