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Entry Requirements for the academic year 2017-2018

To join a master's degree programme students:

- must have a bachelor's degree: to be admitted in Advanced Automotive Engineering students have to possess a Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification, with a minimum score of 95/110 or not less than 86% of the maximun score available.

- are required for a suitable knowledge in basic sciences (mathematics, computing, statistics, physics and chemistry), and basic engineering subjects.

- are required for an appropriate knowledge of the English language at least level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference. More information about the English requirement are explained here.


The EU Students/ international students with permit have to take a written test, composed of:

- 2 open questions on general topics of industrial and mechanical engineering, with the aim of evaluating the ability to discuss technical subjects in English. Each one allows an A4 page answer.
- 60 multiple choice questions with five alternatives, of which only one is correct. The following topics are covered: Fluid machinery; Energy systems, power generation and internal combustion engines; Thermal engineering and industrial energy systems; Mechanical and thermal measurements; Mechanics of Machines; Mechanical design and machine construction; Design methods for industrial engineering; Manufacturing technology and systems.

»  Example of entrance exam


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