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The Master’s Degree Programme in Advanced Automotive Engineering is an inter-university programme jointly offered by the Universities of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Ferrara, and Parma. 
Taught entirely in English, the programme is supported by the most prestigious companies in Emilia-Romagna operating in the automotive sector at international level. 

It is aimed to provide knowledge and skills related to the design of motor vehicles and motorcycles that are high-performance and suitable for competitions. From hybrid and electric motor propellers to production systems with typical features of the new manufacturing 4.0 environment.

The international teaching staff includes highly experienced lectures and professionals. The number of places is limited to a maximum of 120 students and admissions are based on merit and interviews evaluating motivations and skills. 

The programme requires student participation in numerous laboratory activities either on campus or on the premises of industrial partners, in line with a “learning by doing” approach. The programme also includes mandatory internships in private companies and lab-based thesis preparation activities carried out following a “project work” approach.

Click here to download the "Scheda Unica Annuale" of the Programme (EN) or follow this link to view the italian version: . The document includes all the information about contacts and facilities, board, knwoledge required, training objectives etc.

Tuition Fees

University fees are generally set according to the ISEE 2017 indicator (Indicator of the Equivalent Financial Situation) and therefore are proportional to the student financial situation, provided that an application is submitted within the due dates (21 december 2017).

Foreign students residing abroad and visa applicants can not obtain the ISEE calculation but are obliged to present the documentation of the family unit income necessary to determine the exact amount of the contribution due and to request other benefits (grant, accommodation in university residences, catering services and other facilities). Remember that it is essential to have the translated and legalized documentation available, certifying the economic condition, listed at For further information, please consult the page

€ 159.05 is the minimum fee applicable up to the € 23,000 ISEE threshold; within the € 23,000 to 45,000 ISEE range university fees are calculated progressively. If the ISEE amount is higher than € 45,000 or an online application is not submitted, the maximum fee amount set for that specific course of study shall be paid. Further information on the fee amount and to simulate the personal fee calculation please go to:  (IT). The indicated minimum and maxiumum fees are valid also for foreign students who do not have ISEE certification and present an equivalent documentation.

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