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Career Options

Advanced Automotive Engineers are able to plan, develop and manufacture the main sub-systems of cars and motorcycles, with particular reference to the premium market and to racing vehicles.

Depending on the chosen curriculum, a graduate in Advanced Automotive Engineering specializes in:


S/He is able to plan traditional and innovative propulsion systems paying attention to their optimization as well as to the control and solution of environmental and energetic issues;

Architecture of ground vehicles

S/He is in charge of the set-up and development of vehicles, ranging from fundamental design aspects and up to the design of the main groups and “cold” sub-groups of high performance vehicles;

Racing vehicle architecture

S/He is able to set up all the “cold” groups and sub-groups of racing vehicles. In particular, s/he specializes in aerodynamic aspects, employment of light materials (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Materials), and the design and conduction of experimental tests;


S/He is able to design and develop high-tech motorcycles, in both the production and racing segments. S/He can manage dedicated aspects of electronic engineering and industrial production;


S/He is able to plan, develop control and manage the processes and production systems related to the automotive field, with particular reference to the use of the most advanced digital technologies.


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