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Applications are open again!

We are glad to announce that in the light of 42 places still availble, a new call for admission has been published! You can find it here: italian version, english version. The call is reserved for European students or international student residing regulary in Italy.
It will be possibile to submit applications starting from today 24th of October until the 21st of December through Esse3 webite as specified in the call. 

International students without a valid residence permit can not apply beacause of bureaucrati times necessary to get the permit. Please check carefully the entry requirements pointed in the call: if a candidate does not match those requirements he/her will not be taken into consideration.

If you are not in possess of an English B2 Certification don't worry! You will be able to take the B2 English exams at the Unimore Linguistic Centre (CLA), new dates will be available soon!

Candidates will be able to take classess and exams without any disavantage: do you want to know how is it possible? Click here!

 Any doubt? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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