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II edition call for admission

If a candidate decide to take part to the second edition of the call for admission for EU students and international students with valid residence permit, he/she will not start with a disadvantage. Whilist awaiting the AAE enrollment, he/she can attend AAE headquarter, take lessons, join AAE colleagues for seminars, laboratories, etc.
All the useful information are shown below:

  1. He/she will be able to enroll at "Ingegneria del Veicolo" (Vehicle Engineering, taught in Italian) Master's Degree Programme, offered by "Enzo Ferrari" Engineering Department of Unimore (AAE headquarter). Click here to fine out more information about the programme.
  2. Once he/she will be enrolled to Unimore, he/she will be able to choose if take AAE classes or Vehicle Engineering classes from the 1st semester (starting from the end of September);
  3. During the winter exams session, he/she will able to choose if take AAE exams or Vehicle Engineering exams.
  • if he/she choose to take AAE exams, he/she will be able to register the taken exam after his/her enrollment at AAE Programme;
  • if he/she choose to take Vehicle Engineering exams, he/she will be able to validate the taken exam with the same AAE exam if provided form the study plan, or validate it as "exam choosed by the student" (e.g. "Meccanica delle Vibrazioni" of Vehicle Engineering programme is validates as "Mechanical Vibrations" of AAE programme).

     4. Once he/she will pass the entry exam, on dates set by the call, he/she will be able to transfer his/her enrollment from Vehicle Engineering to AAE.

If the candidate unfortunately does not pass the entry exam he/she will be able to pursue his/her studies in "Vehicle Engineering" (Italian language) or to renounce to his/her studies in Unimore.

If the candidate does not want to follow this procedure, he/she will be able directly to enroll to AAE once he/she will pass the entry exam, miss 1st semester classes and start to take classes and exams after the enrollment (2nd semester, starting from the end of February).

For more information about II edition admission do not hesitate to contact us.


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